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In the name of GOD


Although modernism in the arts of beauty has been able to make a very ugly but also works in it well. But modernism in physics is in another way, modernism in physics is giving new ideas that can be delivered in produced'' and shortcomings of previous views to be removed, and the phenomenon of the existing world better justified. In fact, this can be very different views and revolutionary than so far has been expressed and it is important that which theory has been closer to reality and have more efficiency.



Special and General Relativity:

The increase in speed and increasing the acceleration of reactor power of the spacecraft
Velocity increase and temperature decrease
Slowing time and shortening meter in gravity field, transfer to gravity blue or red
Increase of mass in the gravitational field
Construction of real speedometer, end for theory of relative speeds or relative movements



Relativity Quantum:

Doppler phenomenon for electromagnetic waves and new equations for relativity quantum
Particle or stringy photon, one or few-seconds photon, energy packaging in space-time
This is how negative gravitational field came to existence (Anti-gravity force, Dark energy, The theory to explain accelerated motion of the galaxies in the universe), and inversion of the gravitational field

Primary Particle, the Relation of Particle Mass to its Velocity and Wave Length or Frequency, Integration of Gravitational and Electromagnetic Forces



The calculation of filamentary photon force and its momentum transition period




The big bang theory is impossible
The space - time expansion arises of the big bang theory an unjustified explanation to develop the universe
Increasing Velocity and Calculating Gravity Potential Energy - Investigating our Vision Depth in Cosmos