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  Last edit  2010/02/27


Increase of mass in the gravitational field


As we know, force multiplied by distance equals energy:




E represents energy; F represents force and considers d as distance. Also the gravitational force between two masses is calculated by the following equation:


Where G equals to the global constant of gravity and M is the first mass (celestial substance) and m represents the second mass of a material and r is the distance between two centers. So gravitational potential energy obtain by following ways:



U represents gravitational potential energy that equals and equivalent to the corresponding mass and it will increase to the mass. Now we calculate the mass amount:



m0 is the initial mass of a material, c is the speed of light, Δm is increase in mass of a material in gravitational field and m is the final mass of a material in the gravitational field. Hence, we calculate 1kg mass of a material in the sun surface:






Author: Mohammadreza Tabatabaei

Dec 22, 2009